Sudden death sony xperia t

Jul 1, Hello I have had my xperia t for just over a year now, last week the phone . Had my xperia 12mths its all of a sudden stopped taking a charge How did you fix yours id Then eventually, my phone ran out of battery and died.
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The green light is on It is dead to the world, and to a computer if you try a usb cable.

Some Sony Xperia Z handsets reportedly suffering sudden death - comments - page 8

I suspect I'm in for a similar wait again today. Anyone else with the same problem?

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Go to Solution. I've seen it mentioned on the Sony forums and there's mention of it elsewhere - so it's obviously something inherent. There's one thing that I couldn't make out from the posts I read - have you recently installed a new version or major update of Android?

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  7. If so, there is a recurrent problem with Xperia that they seem to suffer corruption when updated using Sony's PCC software. The common - and effective - cure is to force a complete reinstall of Android - connect to PCC and when it tells you that you already have the latest version, click on the notice and chose the "repair" option. Be warned though - doing this will completey remove all settings, apps and data - so back everything up that you can't afford to lose.

    As a stop-gap - you couild try installing an app to prevent the phone from going to sleep when connected to the charger - "redeye" is one free and I'm sure there will be others. Thank you, that sounds like good advice It's still dead to the world with only its green light For the record I've had to resort to a like for like handset swap.

    Sony Xperia T - sleep of death

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    Dead Sony Xperia Z2!

    Download My O2. A shame as I love the phone but need to be able to rely upon it. Report Content. Message 1 of 7 20, Views. Then no service problem with my husbands phone, then sudden death on my sons phone. Now sudden death on my husbands phone. No offer to replace with a different phone. I want them all changed out, why should I pay full price to a plan when these are all defective and you keep wanting to give me used devices and same type that keeps going bad.

    These are obvoiusly defective, all three phones. Treat people fairly as you would want to be treated and offer a real and honest solution instead of offering robot service. Great phone smashes Samsung and Apple absolutely no software issues over heating issues or charging issues just a hairline screen crack issue house full of Sony stuff and the lengths I have to go to for a "warranty" case in the Bush of Australia is bullshit sorry it was in my pocket the cracks so insignificant took me 30 mins took me 30mins to find out what was with the phones newly found artificial intelligence to operate itself lol it will change my ringtones for me atm.

    AnonD, 10 Jun i m about to buy this phone wer its design and specs attracted me but heard of many common com It happens with my cell , But as from the beginning, I have used Samsung phones.. I want to try out something new.

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    So I thought why not Sony xperia z?? It's above average phone and I am going to give it a try surely. It's such a drama in my life. Will 4. I'm a xz's user. After 3 days i went to exchange it. The new one worked correctly until i installed GO sms, then it started freezing when the pop up appears. Samsung Galaxy A7 review.