Can i use microsoft word on samsung galaxy tab 10.1

When I open shared or downloaded or transferred word docs. They open as " read only" and I am unable to edit them. I have tried downloading.
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Senior Member. Sep My Devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Very good question to know Reviews says its there, but as you mentioned on the site it says purchase. If anyone here reviews the device in the the next couple of days we would all apprichiate insight into this. Basically make sure a account is not logged in and then see if you can create a new document.

Deathman20 10th August , Yeah I was going to get it today but I'm torn.

Get Office for Android

Was going to just get the GB model but it won't be in stores till next week. Now second guessing myself and maybe I'll just stick with the 64GB one and use the MicroSD card slot for extra storage as needed. So looks like yes you do need a license for it now, just the one playing with in the store looks that way. Hancom Office is on it though by default. Jul Microsoft Office requires users to purchase licenses.

I can't edit word documents on my Galaxy Tab A - Microsoft Community

Some apps in tablet mode may differ when in Samsung DeX mode. Recommend accessories for Galaxy Tab S4: Exact model number may vary by country.

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  8. Jan This genuinely annoys me. Preload it on there and require you to pay. Chyeo 11th August , I read around MS Office site, it seems you need subscription only for some extra functions, generally usage and editing should still be workable.

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    Not sure if correct. Deathman20 11th August , Actually they can only be used for Read Only.

    Ask Rick: can I use my Android tablet for word processing?

    Doesn't seem to be fully installed which is a good thing, more of a launcher so it should be easily gotten rid of. Aug I didn't pay enough attention to MS policies, since Word worked just fine on my Tab s3 with the free account I have. Got my Tab s4 yesterday, and it was a disappointment that it wouldn't allow editing now.

    But there's some good alternatives out there that are free, and maybe MS will change that policy not likely. Chyeo 13th August , May However, in testing, this is not what I experienced. These mobile Office apps gave me basic editing features on a Dell tablet with an 8-inch display as promised, which is fine.

    Tab S4 - Do we have to actually PAY for MS Office ?

    However, when I tried to use the same apps to edit a Word document on a Asus tablet with a That was confusing, so I initiated an Office web support chat to learn what is going on. I asked about editing using the free version of Word Mobile for Windows 10 on a tablet with a display of The apparently ill-informed support person told me that there is no free version of Word Mobile that supports editing documents. Ignoring this support issue for the moment, how are the Office Mobile apps on a Windows 10 tablet?

    They are relatively finger friendly on an 8-inch Windows 10 tablet.

    Head on over to the Google Play store

    The apps also seemed to have extremely limited access to my Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage account. In fact, I could not find a way to navigate to any OneDrive folder. And, the apps frequently reported that it could not read the files it listed from OneDrive.